My Story

Hi Mama,
I’m Angela Byman the owner of Lilac + Mae. I was born in Minnesota and have lived here in Williston for my whole married life. We’ve been blessed with 4 beautiful children. My oldest is a handsome boy named Dierks, and then my darling girls Darla, Lucille and Dorthy.
I am the lucky wife to Jake, who is a full time firefighter here in Williston! He’s always been super supportive in everything I’ve ever wanted to do. Including my crazy idea to buy and run this very boutique!
I've always loved boutique shopping and even dreamed of owning my very own. After having 4 kids in 4 years, I never thought it was possible. One day, I was having an especially hard day because my husband was on day 3 of a 72 hour shift and I was exhausted. I hopped on Instagram and saw that my favorite boutique was in search of a new owner! I knew I had to look into it and next thing I knew, I was the new owner. 
To say the least, I’m about to be an even busier Mama but I am SO excited for this journey! I hope all of you can see how genuinely passionate I am about Lilac + Mae and our customers. THANK YOU for your support.
Lots of love,